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The founding partners of the Global Blockchain Creative share a desire to make blockchain more accessible to individuals and organizations. The benefits of increased transparency, reliability, and credibility can help to build trust and transparency enable new ways of doing business.

Stacy Benjamin

Stacy Benjamin

Stacy has over 20 years of experience combining design thinking with business strategy to drive innovation. She works across a wide range of industries including healthcare, energy, resources, industrial equipment, and consumer products. Stacy designs and facilitates workshops and executive education programs to deliver step change to meet evolving trends and forces. Stacy also holds a Clinical Professor position at Northwestern University, where she is the Director of the Segal Design Certificate program.

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Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir

Rósbjörg has over twenty years of experience of managing and creating all kinds of seminars and conferences, both locally and international. She specializes in bringing key players together to increase shared value. Rósbjörg was nominated as honorary ambassador of Meet in Reykjavik 2019 for proactive work promoting the What Works Summit and the Iceland Geothermal Conference. Rósbjörg is committed to multiple sustainability and social progress efforts, and she teaches at the University of Iceland in tourism strategy and career development.

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Mark Schumacher

Mark served as a finance executive and operations strategist with Accenture for 16 years and with EY for five years. He now applies that expertise as a partner in the advisory firm BusinessBlock to help companies and organizations build efficient, resilient and responsible operations. He views blockchain innovation as fundamental to addressing operational risks and inefficiencies. Mark is also the Financial Coordinator for the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University.


Gunnar Haraldsson, Phd

Gunnar founded Intellecon, an economic consultancy, in 2015 and is currently the Chairman of the Icelandic Fiscal Council, as well as Chairman of the Icelandic UNESCO Committee as well as a member of the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council. He obtained his BSc (econ.) and MSc, degrees from the University of Iceland, as well as postgraduate degrees and a PhD in economics from the University of Toulouse in France.


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