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Part 1

Nov 16

14:00-17:00 GMT

Part 2

Nov 23

14:00-17:00 GMT

Explore Blockchain for your Business
Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

The Global Blockchain Creative and Akademias offer a series of workshops on applications of blockchain for your business. The mission of the Global Blockchain Creative is to help organizations use blockchain for improved efficiency, security, and transparency within their business, and across their ecosystem. Each workshop is designed to be interactive and action-focused.

This workshop on applying blockchain to Healthcare Pharmaceuticals is valuable for anyone in the pharmaceuticals ecosystem, including production, supply chain, data management, providers, and more. Changing regulations in this industry are increasing the need for blockchain, and this workshop will help you to understand both the opportunities and how to get started.


Blockchain and Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Workshop Description

This two-part workshop is focused on exploring opportunities within Healthcare Pharmaceuticals. The first session will kick off with a facilitated panel discussion with people who are using blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry. This will set the stage for what can be done. The second session will explore the focus areas identified in the first session. Through hands-on activities, participants will understand opportunities as well as potential challenges and barriers, and identify approaches for how to get started.

Workshop Goals

  • Learn about leading practices in successful applications of blockchain

  • Explore opportunities for blockchain applications in your organization

  • Create action plans for prototyping or piloting a blockchain application

  • Establish new relationships with others working to address similar challenges


to Blockchain?

​This course assumes you know the basics of blockchain, but if you want a refresher, you will also get access to our Blockchain Basics video!


Daniel Fritz - Novartis.jpg
Daniel Fritz

Dan is the Industry Project Lead of PharmaLedger, a 3-year, 29-member, public-private project aimed at bringing the benefits of blockchain to patients. He is also the Supply Chain Architect at Novartis, responsible for IT standards and architecture direction as well as evaluation of emerging technologies. He. He has been at Novartis since 2002. He has 25 years of leadership and supply chain IT experience including the US Military, IT consulting, pharmaceutical manufacturing and global supply systems. He holds a B.S. from USMA and an eMBA from Duke Fuqua / Goethe University.

Tim Ken Mackey.jpg
Timothy Mackey

Tim Ken Mackey is an Associate Professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the Director of Healthcare Research and Policy at UC San Diego - Extension, and the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute. In addition to his academic appointments, he is also the CEO and Co-Founder of S-3 Research, a healthcare big data, machine learning, and blockchain startup funded by the National Institutes of Health.  

Susanne Somerville

Susanne is CEO Chronicled, focusing on establishing networks powered by blockchain to automate the way companies do business together.  She is one of the founders of the MediLedger Network, established for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry, with solutions already available to enable prescription medicine verification, and automation of revenue management processes.  She brings over 25 years of pharmaceutical, biotech, and supply chain experience. Susanne was most recently the Vice President of Supply Chain, North America, for Genentech.


Workshop Structure, Conducted in English

Session 1 -  Monday, Nov 16, 14:00-17:00 GMT

  • Welcome, warm-up

  • Panel speakers & discussion

  • Break

  • Blockchain opportunities in Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

  • Discussion and feedback

  • Wrap up

Session 2 - Monday, Nov 23, 14:00-17:00 GMT

  • Welcome & review

  • Defining focus areas, goals, and challenges to implementation

  • Break

  • Addressing challenges and creating roadmaps for getting started

  • Discussion & feedback

  • Closing comments

Blockchain Basics

Registration includes access to our Blockchain Basics video.


Stacy Benjamin

Stacy has over 20 years of experience combining design thinking with business strategy to drive innovation. She works across a wide range of industries including healthcare, energy, resources, industrial equipment, and consumer products. Stacy designs and facilitates workshops and executive education programs to deliver step change to meet evolving trends and forces. Stacy also holds a Clinical Professor position at Northwestern University, where she is the Director of the Segal Design Certificate program

Eyþór Ívar Jónsson

Eyþór is an assistant professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Eyþór has taught at RU, UI and Bifröst and run the Research Center for Governance in recent years. He is the founder and director of the A-Board project in collaboration with CBS, which is an advisory board program where MBA students are given the opportunity to sit on company boards. About 200 companies have gone through this program. He has established, organized or managed a number of business accelerators for start-ups and growth companies.

Mark Schumacher

Mark served as a finance executive and operations strategist with Accenture for 16 years and with EY for five years. He now applies that expertise as a partner in the advisory firm BusinessBlock to help companies and organizations build efficient, resilient and responsible operations. He views blockchain innovation as fundamental to addressing operational risks and inefficiencies. Mark is also the Financial Coordinator for the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University.

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